...With Our Bolt-on Business Model Ready To Go!
  • Make More Money: Add a new revenue stream to your business to maximise profits
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Up your game and diversify your business
  • Get Access To The Best Staff: Discover, screen and recruit new amazing staff for your own team
  • Eliminate The Dead Zone: Schedule courses during your quieter times to maximise use of your facility
  • Future Proof Your Business Model: Prepare your business for the unexpected and bright future

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Other Fitness Businesses That Have Placed Their Trust In Us


See Below What Some Of Our Partners Have To Say About Their Experience Working Alongside Fit4Life Academy

Case Studies

“The team at FIT4LIFE have been fantastic in offering us all the help and support needed to run our own education company.

Luke and the team are always on hand to help, support, guide and advise with any issues we have experienced.

Within the support is help with delivery, lesson plans, marketing and sales.

Fit4life is offering the education has added another income stream to our gym business which will help us produce greater profit margins this financial year.

The Course is a great bolt on to our gym as it also gives us a great opportunity in choosing the best up and coming Personal Trainers in our area for future job positions within our Company.

If you’re looking at adding education as an add on to your gym, you definitely need to have a conversation with Luke and his team”.

Sam from SOS PT Academy

Since getting in touch with Fit4life regarding their option on putting education into our gyms the whole process has been, honestly, incredible!

We saw the value in what they were offering on the educational front and adding value and income to our gyms and from contacting Luke day 1 until selling and beyond we have experienced complete support and very easy access.

The on boarding system is a really simple step by step way to get you to being an educational academy  

The professionalism and complete help & support has been invaluable to us and made the whole process doable without confusion and to be honest any questions no matter how small or trivial were answered immediately and with complete clarity.

So far into our journey with Fit4life we are really impressed, happy and … selling PT courses

Mags from Intershape PT Academy

10 Reasons Why You Can't Refuse This Offer

  • A Guaranteed 40-70% Return On Your Investment 

    Most Businesses (especially gyms/health and fitness businesses) are deemed successful on a 15-25% profit margin, with no additional rent to pay, very minimal expenses and with most of the business fully automated you can just sit back and reap the rewards of much higher profit margins
  • Revolutionising Business Software 

    How does this sound.. An App and Website that covers EVERY element of this bolt on to your business. No stone left unturned with a slick, super simple to use App and Admin Portal where you can effortlessly operate

    Manage literally everything at the click of a button, this needs to be seen to be believed, the functionality is next level taking all of the work out it for you, an example demo version is available for you to view upon request
  • Expert Sales And Marketing Support 

    We fully understand you have a wealth of experience in this area however we believe we can help speed the whole process up for you and get you firing on all cylinders from the get go, having sold these courses ourselves for years and consistently filling up our spaces we have developed sales funnels, marketing copy, email sequences and call scripts that have been proven time and time again ensuring you can maximise profits 
  • Business Development 

    A completely FREE business development call once a month and an opportunity to work alongside the Team to further expand your business included. From financial forecasting, automating your existing business to boost profits to negotiation tactics we cover it all

    The plan is to boost your profits and help guide you to make smart investments that will help secure your financial future. Your potential is limitless.. tap into that shit! 
  • Bolt On To Your Existing Business

    Seamlessly bolt this model onto your existing business or alternatively start up a fresh company, the choice is yours and there are benefits to both, find out how this works in more detail on an introductory call 
  • Quality Assurance 

    With 2 annual observations included you have complete peace of mind that your courses are running as smoothly as possible and you can optimise accordingly that in turn boost profits

    We partner directly with the Governing Body Think Tree Hub, who accredited the courses we produce meaning that you have the guarantee that your courses will be taught to a very high standard by your Teachers.

    Referrals are the lifeblood of any business so ensuring that after every course you host you receive glowing reviews and your Students shouting from the rooftops about you is a must
  • Teacher Training Included 

    A 4 hour Teacher training session with up to 4 of Your Teachers is included within the model to ensure that they fully understand the best practices required and go into their first course brimming with confidence, this will reflect on the overall success of the course and the Students experience, creating a surge of momentum from the very offset 
  • Insurance Guarantee For Students 

    With a solid partnership with 2 of the main insurance providers in the UK we can do what most other providers don't do (or promise to do but don't deliver!) and that is guarantee insurance at the end of each course for successful Students

    The last thing they want is to start their new career with overheads. We include insurance in their upfront course fee taking the hassle away when they qualify.

    And as a bonus it is a great USP when selling the courses! 
  • Full 4 Way Support System 

    We have you covered in all aspects when it comes to support

    Business Support- With a proven, successful and time served model we have full resources at your finger tips and phone support around the clock

    Sales and Marketing Support- With a dedicated Account Manager specifically in this area we take the pressure off filling up your course dates with unrivalled sales and marketing strategies

    Educational Support- Think Tree Hub have a combined experience of 60 years on the educational side of things. Having served as University Lecturers and created a host of educational courses you can be rest assured that any questions you may have on how to improve your business in this area will be answered fully

    Tech Support - A dedicated Tech Manger to assist you with funnel optimisations, paid ads, SEO and so much more to ensure you maximise PROFITS

A Note From Me

Hey it's Luke Hamer here, I am the founder of Fit4life Health and Fitness and Learn@Fit4Life
As a gym owner myself, I understand the pain that fitness business owners experienced as a result of widespread closures

I was going through the same crisis, wondering how I was going to get through the next few months. Everything seemed so uncertain. Was I really going to have to give up the business I’d worked so hard to build?

But I’m a problem-solver and so I got to work on a solution. To cut a long story short, bolting on an Eduactional Training Academy to my business has been the best thing I have ever done. In some ways, COVID-19 has helped as I never would have brainstormed my way through to this solution if I wasn’t in such a critical situation.

What I’ve created is a simple-to-use and highly profitable business model that is 100% scalable, brings in a higher net profit than my core fitness business and which is costing me much less in overheads and expenses.

This model is going to take me through the COVID crisis and beyond and help me to scale my business during the hardest months I have ever faced in my career.

When I first started in the industry, I chased the money. I wanted the profits I’d seen others making and that was my main focus. I wanted the highlife, the nice car, and all the trappings of a successful business. Great for a time, but it’s short-lived.

Now, after 20 years in the industry and 5 years of running Fit4Life Health & Fitness, I want to give something back. Let’s face it, we started in fitness to help others. It’s in our DNA. It’s the reason we get up in the morning. It only makes sense to share what I have learned with others and help them to do the same.

We are all in this together. If the whole industry pulls together to find ways to survive and thrive, we can ride this crisis and get through to the other side.

As we rise from the ashes of this economic disaster, we can work as one to create job opportunities, help people discover new career paths and boost our own businesses at the same time.

I’m here to help you get your Educational Training Academy up and running and to transform your business in ways you may never have considered before.

Let’s do this together and be one of the success stories of 2021

Multiple Award Winning Brand With 20 Years Served In The Industry

3 x Recognised As One Of The UK's Leading Health, Fitness And Education Providers

Unrivalled Software That Is A Dream To Use As A Business Owner! 

The Whole Model Managed At The Click Of A Button

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Fitness Business

You’ve likely been in the industry for years. You’ve no doubt taken risks, faced challenges and reaped the rewards of hard work along the way

Perhaps you are looking for that next challenge or to pivot and diversify your business in a unique way that makes your brand stand out, grow and thrive

You know your business inside out. Why not take that knowledge and experience and harness it to unlock the full potential of your brand?

Becoming a Level 3 Personal Training Academy through Fit4Life is one of the most effective and efficient ways to create another revenue stream

Here’s why:

❏ We do all the hard work for you, including course design, training, marketing and sales funnel management

❏ Add value to your business without changing your core offering

❏ Maximise the use of your facility by running courses during quiet times

❏ Diversify and thrive in a fiercely competitive industry

❏ Build flexibility and crisis management into your business model

❏ You stand out as an expert in your field and help others to discover a rewarding fitness career

Build Flexibility and Crisis-Response into Your Business

If COVID-19 has taught fitness business owners anything it is that we need to be prepared for the unexpected and have a flexible business model

By building flexibility and crisis-response into your business now, you can disaster proof your business and be ready for anything. Never get caught out again. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION

Be Ready For the New Era of Personal Trainers

Be prepared for the thousands of people who are going to be looking for a new career, who have been made redundant, who want to retrain and succeed

We believe that qualified personal trainers are the best people to teach our courses. Whether you are a PT yourself or you have people on your team who would make great teachers, our high-quality, accredited courses allow you to hit the ground running

We’ll give you all the resources and information you need to start running your course in-house and enjoying the benefits and profits that come with being a Training Academy
Frequently Asked Questions:
How much money can I make? 
Great question.
As with anything, it depends on the individual.
If you're not committed, and this is another 'Shiny Object', then your results will reflect this.
If, on the other hand, you're committed and eager to get this up and running, then you'll be rewarded!
To give you an idea,
You make £1550 per sale...
Minus our fee of £495, you pocket £1055
Now if you make just 10 sales per course (which we'll help you get?), you make £10,550 in profit!
Run 4 courses per year and that’s over £40,000.
And that's just with a level 3. You can then add level 4 diplomas and massage qualifications to double (or triple) that figure.
What do I need to start?
All you need is enough space for 10 or more students and a level 3 PT who can go through the built-in teacher training programme.
And a Level 3 PT that is a good fit to teach the courses...simple 
When will I see a return?
We've seen other gyms get an ROI within just weeks. We are confident you can see the same too.
What's included?
We do all the hard work for you, course design, teacher training, marketing automation sales funnel management and paid ads management.
We leave no stone unturned to help you grow your business.
What are the benefits to my business?
By adding an Educational Academy, not only can you add revenue without impacting on your paying gym members ...
Position yourself as the go-to facility in town…
Play a part in the future of PTs…
And cash in during those quiet times ...
But you can build flexibility and crisis management into your business model. 
What support do I get? 
We’ve done all the hard work for you! From marketing, building out high-converting sales funnels, to nurturing your new leads.
Meaning, you can sit back, relax, and watch how lead after lead comes flooding in.
All you need to do is do what you're great at and chat with them on the phone.
Should you ever get stuck, our team is on hand to answer any question you have.
Who are the courses accredited by? 
We partner up with Think Hub - the Professional Association that accredit the courses, provide teacher training and manage the teaching and learning.
This means you can be confident in knowing your courses are being delivered to the highest possible standards.
After all, a great experience often means one thing — a consistent income from heaps of referrals.
Do Students need a level 2 qualification to get started?  

Lets keep this short and sweet! NO the Students do not need to be level 2 qualified beforehand to get started on the Diploma, we have made sure the course structure covers both level 2 and level 3 meaning more opportunities to onboard and less objection handling on the initial calls!  
Is this suitable for those who aren’t “tech-savvy”? 
As I said, we take care of everything on the back end for you, meaning your only concern is chatting to red hot leads on the phone to begin filling up your courses.
It gets better, you’ll have access to our in-house tech genius who can work their magic should there be any issues, so you can relax and focus on running your courses.
Is this scalable? 
We’re on hand, with business support ready to go, to ensure you scale this model to its fullest potential.
You can even add more courses too, maximising the number of your students on your list. Plus, if you’re looking to open up a new unit to deliver these courses, we’ll help you do that too!
Now you have the answers, there’s only one question left to ask…
“Do I want to create a thriving revenue stream, hire perfect employees, while giving back to your community?”

If the answers YES, and you want a ready-to-go Training Academy for your business, to start maximising your revenue…
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